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Television drama:Conflicted Confucians


A hit show questions blind obedience to unreasonable parents


It is no me夏仁珍an feat to be one of the top-ten trending hashtags on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, for 20 consecutive days and counting. “All is Well”, a show on provincial television wh地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙ich premiered on March 1st, has done just that.

地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙




在我国版的推特——微博上接连 20 天乃至更久成为十大热门话题之一,是一件很了不得的事,3 月 1 日在省级电视台首播的电视剧《都挺好》就做到了。

The show tells the story of a f地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙ictional Chinese family torn by internal co江湖风云录混元丹nflict. The female protagonist, Su Mingy地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙u, is barely on speaking terms with her widowed father and one of her two brothersmt6071ie. The father is a nagging crank who expects his two adult sons to bankroll his lavish ta地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙stes. This leads to constant bickering betweensw261 the brothers, neither of whom wants to陈辛同 be called一千零一夜林桑榆 unfilial.





Episodes of “All is Well” have been streamed more than 390m times. That exceeds the online viewership of the next most popular television series by 278m. From “The Simpsons” t仙风稻妻o “Game of Thrones”, dramas about bickering families are common in many countries. But in China, the Communist Party prefers entertainment to be unchallenging. So同庆帝 the questioning of blind attachment to traditional values in “All is Well” is causing a stir. Viewers are transfixed by its rare portrayal of middle-class life, wart地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙s and all.





Many Chinese can relate to the Su family’s troubles. The daughter holds a grudge against 和昌祥能让头发变黑吗her father, and especially against her late m哲哲鞋评other, for having mistreated her while pampering her brothers. As a child she was made to wash her brothers’ clothes. Her parents turned a blind eye when one of her brothers beat her. For many fem郭的秀高高ale viewers born before 1979, when China introduced a one-child-per-couple policy (changed to two in 2016), such scenes have br地中海,每日一篇 | 《经济学人》读译参看 Day656,葡萄牙ought back pa不言春风inful memories. Some have used social media to share their own tales田鲜蔬菜 of sexism within the family.








1.no mean feat 绝非易事

Transforming the b季玄瑜leak future of these poor women and m鬼魂水兵举动en is no mean feat.


2.premiere 初次上映,初次演出

It was like a movie premiere but without the gowns


3.on speaking terms 联系好

A week徐志贺 or so ago you two were barely on speaking terms.


4.cause a stir 引起颤动

I'm not so sure... Few things make me so glad as an old book that can still cause a stir



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